April 8th – Set Lists

Below is a list of the sets that were played at Home Run Soul Club on April 8th, in no particular order and missing some selections that were played by the residents and guests in the open deck slot at 1am – 2am.

Keni Lewis – Ain’t gonna make it easy (De-Vel)

Ann Sexton – You’ve been gone too long (Seventy 7)

The Montclairs – Unwanted Love (Paula)

Mike & The Censations – I need your lovin’ (Highland)

Ethics – Look at me now (Vent)

The Supremes – He’s all I got (Motown)

The Impressions – You’ve been cheatin’ (Stateside)

Mike James Kirkland – Give it to me (Bryan)

Charles Perry – How can I (Magnum)

Joe Walker – This is my last goodbye (Bold)

Lee Williams and The Cymbals – Lost Love (Carnival)

The Commands – Hey it’s love (Dynamic)

The Continental Four – The way I love you (Jay Walking)

Porgy & The Monarchs – That’s my girl (Sylves)

The Cruisers – Take a chance (Gamble)

Garland Green – Ain’t that good enough (Revue)

Al Wilson – Touch and go (Rocky Road)

Jackie Wilson – I’m The One To Do It (Brunswick)

The Intrigues – In A Moment (Yew)

The Four Tops – Are You Man Enough (Dunhill)

Bobby Womack – Daylight (United Artists Records)

The Fantastic Johnny C – Waitin For The Rain (Phil L.A. Of Soul)

Dee Dee Warwick – Funny How We Changed Places (Private Stock)

Smokey Robinson – Baby That’s Backatcha (Tamla)

The Artistics – Girl I Need You (Brunswick)

The Dells – It’s All Up To You (Cadet)

Basic Black & Pearl – There’ll Come A Time, There’ll Come A Day (WAM Records)

Brothers of Soul – Hurry Don’t Linger (Boo)

Mille Jackson – House For Sale (Spring)

Lee Garrett – Heart Be Still (Chrysalis)

Brothers By Choice – She Puts The Ease Back Into Easy (Ala)

O’Jays – I Love Music (Philadelphia International Records)

Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes – Where Are All My Friends (Philadelphia International Records)

The Monitors – Since I Lost You (VIP)

Odds and Ends – Let Me Try (Today)

Moses Smith – Come on and let me love you (Cottilion)

The Modulations – I can’t fight your love (Buddah)

George Soule – Midnight Affair (Kent)

James Wayne and the Soul Soothers (I found Someone – Key-Lan)

Darrow Fletcher – My young Misery (Groovy)

Harold Melvin – Baby you got my nose open (ABC)

Sharpees – Tired of being lonely (One-derful)

Living Color – Gotta Strange Feeling (Madhatter)

Sonny and the Premiers – What it is (Chipam)

Creations – Dream (Zodiac)

The Brothers of Soul – Come on Back (Boo)

Bob Meyer – I only get this feeling (Blue Soul)

Jackie Dee – Who (First Light)

Thee Midniters – Chicano Power (La Raza)

Gloria Shannon – Tears (Realside)

Choice of Colour – Your Love (APT)

Lost Family – Blow my mind (International Records)

The impalas – Speed up (Capitol Records)

Brothers Love – Precious Dove (A Brother Love Production)

Jerry Washington – Please Don’t Waste my Time (Glades)

The Exits – Gotta to have the Money (Gemini)

Chosen Few – Birth of a Playboy (Maple Records)

Tony Troutman – What’s the Use (Jerri Records)

Barbara Lynn – I’m a Good Woman (Tribe Records)

Bonnie Blanchard – You’re the Only One (C.R.S)

Backyard construction – I Want ya Lovin’ (Backyard Construction Records)

Little Ron Johnson – I Keep Telling You (Hard Times Records)

Four Sonics – Easier Said than Done (Sport Records)

Bobby Hill – Tell Me you Love Me (Lo Lo Records)

El Anthony – We’ve Been in Love Too Long (LA-Cindy)

Anthony White – Hey Baby (Philadelphia International Records)

Barbara Lynn – Movin’ on a Groove (Jetstream Records)

Pace Setters – Push on Jessie Jackson (Kent)

Frankie Love Man Crocker – Ton of dynamite (Turbo Records)

Frankie Beverley – If that’s what you wanted (Sassy)

Towanda Barnes – You don’t mean it (A&M Records)

Beverly Ann – C/U

The Jackson Sisters – I believe in miracles (Prophesy Records)

Herizen Guardiola (Mylene Cruz) – Grace of God – From The Get Down

Barbara Mason – You better stop it (Arctic)

Soul Bros Inc – Pyramid (Golden Eye)

The Natural Four – I thought you were mine (ABC Records)

The Gaturs – Yeah you’re right (Gatur Records)

The Isonics – Sugar (Kammy)

The Fads – My poor heart (Temp-O Records)

The Monzas – You know you turn me on (Moon)

Magic Night – If you and I had never met (Roulette)

The Fidels – Try a little harder (Keymen Records)

The Falcons – Good good feeling (Big Wheel)

Sam Fletcher – I’d think it over (Tollie Records)

The Four Tracks – Like my love for you (Mandingo Records)

The Ringleaders – Baby what has happened (M-Pac!)

Willie Tee – First taste of hurt (Gatur Records)

Paul Smith – I’ll run (Jacklyn Records)

Bobby Hutton – Come see what’s left of me (Philips)

Stevie Wonder – If You Really Love Me (Tamla)

Mixed Emotions – Gold Of My Life (EMI)

Pervis Lee – You Don’t Care (Kincaid LP)

Zodiacs – Don’t Change On Me (C.R.S.)

Brothers By Choice – Get Up & Dance (New World)

Scorry Band – Scorry (Genie)

Ronnie Butler & The Ramblers – Peace Without Love (Pot Luck LP)

Igor Petrenko – Bim Sala Bim / Another Star – (Melodyic LP)

Saratoga Trunk – Holy Moses (United Artists)

Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson – The Bottle “Live” (Arista)

Antonia Castro – W.E.L.F.A.R.E (Universal International)

Felix Harris – Walkin’ In The Night (Counterpart)

Flowers – Fore Real (LA Xpressio)

Carl Hall – What About You (Columbia)

Freeway – Get The Feelin’ (Nebula)

The Joneses – Love Contest (Spring)

Ike Strong – Your Love Keeps Me Dancing (Mable)

King Tutt – You’ve Got Me Hung Up (Fun City)

Odyssey – Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love (Mowest LP)

Rotations – I Can’t Find Her (DeBrossard)

Willie Hutch – Brothers Gonna Work It Out “12 inch Disco Mix” (Motown 12”)

The Guests

Hoochie Coochie
Altrincham Soul Club

The Residents