David Ripollés

How long have you been collecting?

Pretty much as long as I can remember. Everybody collected records when I was a kid, but specifically Soul records, since I was about 14, around 1977 after some of my brothers older friends who’d been going regularly to Wigan brought a box of Northern 45’s around to our house and we were both instantly hooked.

In those days we shared our records, mainly buying pressings and the odd, more accessible original. Moving to Manchester for Uni in ‘81 changed everything. It was stumbling across Rod Shard and Dave Withers’ stall in the Arndale underground market when I came for my interview that made up my mind to come to the rainy city. I couldn’t have imagined then, the number and quality of records that I would get from those guys over the next nearly 20 years. 

We were totally spoiled in those days, and as well as lists from dealers dropping through the letterbox every week, John Anderson opened Expansion records in Manchester in around ‘86 or ‘87 and that’s really when my collecting really took off. I’d just started work and had more money to spend and my tastes had changed to more Modern sounds and the style of 70’s that was to become termed crossover in the next couple of years. Records from these days still inform my taste and form the bedrock of my collection.
Image Credit:  Brett Franklin

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